Judy Thompson, Visual Artist
The Homestead Series Touring Exhibition

The Homestead Series Touring Exhibition integrates a fine art exhibition with the pioneering history of South Dakota. Viewers of all ages, can explore the history, ecology, and literature during the Homestead Movement - a revolutionary time in American history. Inspired during an artist residency at the Homestead National Monument, the Homestead Series provides a window into the extraordinary lives of the pioneers and connects our present experience with the lives of those who changed our landscape forever.  

This touring exhibition consists of 13 watercolor paintings which describe many of the pioneer stories during this remarkable era and is suitable for smaller spaces.  Accompanying each painting is a short historic description and literary quote which gives historic context to each composition.

Included with the exhibition is Silver Lake Reflections, the cover art for Pioneer Girl: the Annotated Autobiography by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Created for the South Dakota Historical Society Press, this painting captures South Dakota’s most famous homesteader at the shores of  Silver Lake during her pioneering days in Dakota Territory.

An electronic poster is also available for viewing with the Series.  This video, The Making of the Homestead Series, recounts the artistic process of the creation of the Homestead Series. 

Artist talks and presentations are also available and describe the inspiration, history and artistic process behind the creation of the Homestead Series.  Learn about Judy’s experiences as an artist-in-residence in two national parks and how, through her research, was inspired by the unique stories of the homesteaders.

The Homestead Series The Series has toured extensively throughout the Midwest to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Homestead Act.  Venues included the Cultural Heritage Center of South Dakota State Historical Society, Pierre, SD; the Great Plains Art Museum on the campus of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln; and the Homestead National Monument in Beatrice, NE; the Lewis and Clark Museum and the Sioux City Public Museum, Sioux City, Iowa, the W. H. Over Museum in Vermillion, SD, as well as smaller galleries, schools, and community centers.

Judy is a professional artist who has received both regional and National awards.  Her love for the Great Plains inspires her to explore the South Dakota prairie landscape through her artwork and exhibits. 


Booking Fees:
Exhibition Fee:  $500
Travel Expenses:
Mileage for Delivery & Pickup of Exhibition
Lodging (if necessary)
Artist Talks
$100 plus travel expenses

Watercolor Workshops also available for children - adults.  Beginner through Master Level
Contact Artist for details

Technical Requirements: Exhibition space to accommodate twelve paintings with an average frame size of 24x30"

Judy Thompson
803 4th St. NW
Orange City, IA 51041-1247
(712) 541.0021
email: 29judyt@gmail.com
website: http://judythompsonwatercolors.com

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