The Cultural Kaleidoscope The Cultural Kaleidoscope

The Cultural Kaleidoscope is based in Kansas City, Missouri and has been bringing multicultural educational programs to students in the Midwest since 1991.

Three programs are available - Russia, Ukraine and Australia. Russia and Ukraine are available year-round. Australia is available on a limited tour each year. The presenters are professional teaching-artists who deliver their materials through a combination of assemblies and enrichment sessions which teach through native music, dance and folk art. In a one-day program, we offer 2 assemblies and up to 4 enrichment sessions. In a residency program, in addition to the basic assemblies and enrichment sessions, we spend 5 days in the school providing students and teachers hands-on experiences and personal interaction with our presenting artists. Students share what they learn in a never-to-be-forgotten community performance at the end of the week.

Our program-specific "Teaching Resource Guide" connects each Kaleidoscope presentation to the curriculum and was developed to enhance the educational experience. Each of the Kaleidoscope presentations supports music, art, dance, geography, history, language, customs and traditions.

Technical Requirements: Four 6-foot or 8-foot tables, two straight-back armless chairs (not folding chairs,) projection cart and two long extension cords. The artists provide their own sound system and video projector.

For a one-day program, the total charge includes an $850 presentation fee, mileage and hotel accommodations. For a residency, the total charge includes an $800 per day presentation fee, mileage fee, meal allowance and hotel accommodations. The SDAC supports up to 50% of the total charge.

Contact: Margie Tritt, Program Coordinator
P.O. Box 33007, Kansas City, MO 64114
(816) 363-6547

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