Linda Bruning has over 20 years experience in acting, directing and conducting theater residencies throughout the United States and Canada.  In addition to her work in theater she has a background in classroom teaching and education.  She is a Peer Coach for the Minnesota State Arts Board and an ASAP Artist for the Perpich Center for Arts Education in Minneapolis.  Linda offers four different programs for ages Pre K-12:
Westward Ho is a performance program that features pioneer plays, complete with costumes and props, to compliment social studies on the Westward Expansion.
The Classroom Radio Hour residency centers on creating an old time radio program on any subject you chose.  Students write the program and then use sound effects, microphones and perform readers theater style to present their final performance.  Slam Jam is a residency for Jr.- Sr. high students that centers on creating and performing  spoken word performances.  Creative Dramatics and Improvisation residencies to help students develop communication, collaboration and team work skills are available for every grade Pre-K through 12.

Grade levels: Pre-K-12
Linda Bruning
14 Oak Grove #308
Minneapolis, MN 55403
phone: 612-871-2479; cell: 763-482-3974

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